About Us

Since its establishment, Fit My Feet Orthotics & Shoes has added many additional shoe lines to our inventory. Our range of products has also changed gradually to meet the evolving needs of our customers. We now have over 15 Comfort Fit Shoe Companies to find the best shoe to “Fit Your Feet.”

Nick Kolterman, BOCPD

Owner | Founder

My name is Nick Kolterman and I am a board certified pedorthist. I have a very strong passion for what I do helping patients as a pedorthist. It is our job to work in reference with the physician or other licensed healthcare prescriber including MD, DC, DPM, PT and DO to help fabricate the correct orthotic, shoe or brace to help with feet, hip, back or knee problems. We evaluate all aspects of biomechanics.

As a Pedorthist we are the EXPERTS who design, manufacture, modify and fit footwear, including custom foot and ankle orthoses, to alleviate foot problems caused by disease, overuse, or injury.

My care toward the patient is treating you like I would treat one of my family. I look forward to helping you get back to health.

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